UKPSC APO Assistant Prosecution Officer Preparation Book 2021


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UKPSC APO Exam Pattern 2021:

Prelims Exam Pattern:

Mains Exam Pattern 2021:

UKPSC APO Syllabus 2021:

Preliminary Examination:

Paper-1 General Studies:

  • General Science
  • Current events: National and International
  • History of India
  • Indian National Movement and Indian Polity
  • Geography and Indian Economy
  • Art, Culture and Traditions of Uttarakhand
  • Revenue Police System and general administrative set up in Uttarakhand
  • Forest, Crops, Tribes, Mountains, Rivers of Uttarakhand.

General Science: Will cover elementary Knowledge & understanding of science including matters of everyday observation and experiences, basic laws of science, questions pertaining to environmental factors, natural resources, food crops, biosphere, human diseases, flora and fauna, national parks and wildlife of Uttarakhand will also be included.

Current events: Day to day happenings in India and around the world, which will also include significant events including sports.

History Of India: Emphasis should be on broad understanding of social, economic and political aspects of India.

Indian National Movement: The candidate should be aware of the Freedom Movement, Growth of Nationalism and attainment of Independence.

Paper- II Law

The Indian Penal Code, 1860:

  • General Exceptions
  • Joint and Constructive Liability
  • Abetment
  • Criminal Conspiracy
  • Offences against Public Tranquility
  • Offences against human body: Culpable homicide and murder including causing death by negligence; hurt and grievous hurt; wrongful restraint and wrongful confinement; criminal force and assault; kidnapping and abduction.
  • Offence against women: sexual offences; offences relating to marriage, cruelty by husband or relatives of husband; insult to modesty of a woman and dowry death.
  • Offences against property: Theft, Extortion, Dacoity, Robbery, Criminal Misappropriation, Cheating, Mischief and Criminal Trespass.
  • Attempts to commit offences.

Syllabus for Main Examination:

General Science: Will cover elementary knowledge & understanding of science including matters of everyday observation and experiences, basic laws of science, Conventional and non-conventional energy resources, human diseases: source and type of diseases, communicable & non communicable diseases prevention and control measures of born diseases such as AIDS, TB, Jaundice, Typhoid etc.

Natural Resources: Water, Soil Minerals, Flora, Fauna, Farming systems in Uttarakhand and other Natural and Energy resources of the State.

Environment: Global warming, Green house effect, Natural disasters, Pollution, Wildlife sanctuaries in Uttarakhand and Different environmental movements in the Uttarakhand state (such as Chipko, Nadi Bachao Andolan etc.)

Current Events: National and International, including sports.

Geography: Rotation and revolution of the earth, mountains and rivers, Climate and vegetation zones of the world, relief and drainage systems, climate, vegetation and irrigation systems of India, including major irrigation projects.

Paper III (Law-I)

Criminal Procedure code, 1973 Constitution, powers and jurisdictions of criminal courts; arrests, power to compel appearance of persons and production of things; Maintenance of public order and public tranquility; Initiation and commencement of proceeding before Magistrate; Framing of charges; Trial of cases; Judgment; Evidence in enquiries and trials; Bail and Bonds; Reference, Revision and Appeal.

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